Why biodiversity matters

Biodiversity loss is a global crisis that threatens current and future generations. As complex and important as it is to fight climate change, halting and reversing biodiversity loss is not only crucial in itself, but critically interlinked with the warming climate.

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More than half of today’s global economy depends on well-functioning ecosystems, which in turn are dependent on biodiversity. The risk to all our planet’s species as well as environmental, social and economic progress is too great not to act on a global scale. Business-as-usual is no longer an alternative.

Unless we conserve and restore biodiversity, and limit human-induced climate change, almost none of the UN’s Sustainable Living Goals (SDGs) can be achieved – in particular food and water security, good health for everyone, poverty alleviation, and a more equitable world.

Mandatory assessment and disclosure for business and finance on their impacts and dependencies on nature

All companies in all sectors across all value chains should consistently disclose on nature related performance. It will help to both mainstream action on biodiversity and also drive common standards which are important to ensure consistency.

At Stora Enso we are already in action, voluntarily sharing a suite of indicators on our biodiversity performance. This is our start as we look to continually evolve and improve both our transparency and performance on biodiversity

Plant growing

Sustainable forestry regenerates forests

Sustainable forestry ensures new trees are planted to replace those that are harvested as raw materials. When renewable products are chosen to replace fossil-based or other non-renewable alternatives, they have significant benefits for society. We work to further improve forest management practices to ensure biodiversity loss in forests can be reversed.

Where does sustainable forest management come into the picture?

Forests with species-rich habitats are more resistant to various disturbances, such as storm or insect damages. Biodiversity also helps nature adapt to a changing environment, such as a changing climate. Growing forests and products made from wood play a significant role in the fight against climate change. Only healthy forests grow, so enhancing forest biodiversity is crucial for us as the renewable materials company.

Sustainable forestry in the Northern hemisphere is an important topic, and environmental NGOs are widely calling for forests to be better protected. At Stora Enso we believe that safeguarding the biodiversity of forests is a cornerstone of a successful bioeconomy. This requires sustainable forest management, sufficient forest protection, and open stakeholder dialogues.

It is a priority to promote sustainable forestry and ensuring that all the wood we use comes from sustainably managed sources. In our own forests as well as those we source from, we work to set the example and ensure sustainable practices in the supply chain. We work hard to advance sustainable forestry in our supply chain. We use externally assured traceability systems and forest certification processes, in addition to our own programmes.

Working to enhance biodiversity with sustainable forest and plantation management secures the long-term availability of wood.

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