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As a renewable materials company, Stora Enso operates at the heart of the bioeconomy and contributes to a circular economy. We strive to maximise the value from natural resources, ensure resource efficiency and to minimise waste. Sustainable forest management secures the availability of our renewable resources, protects biodiversity, and helps combat climate change.

Safeguarding water systems

Water has a fundamental role in the biosphere regulating the amount of biomass and impacting the amount of carbon in the entire Earth system. We strive to reduce the impact on our production sites’ water sources and aim to navigate within the science-based planetary boundary for freshwater change.
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Reuse of materials with less waste

Climate change and resource scarcity affect the environment and societies as a whole, and the growing population continues to increase the pressure to maximise efficient use of raw materials. Circularity of materials is a key success factor for navigating sustainable profitable growth within the planetary boundaries.
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Energy efficiency and self-sufficiency

Efficient use of resources is essential in combatting climate change and enabling the green transition. We continuously improve energy efficiency and strive towards energy self-sufficiency and low carbon solutions at our sites.
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Forests, plantations and land use

Sustainable forest management safeguards forest health and productivity, and protects and enhances biodiversity – whilst securing the long-term availability of renewable resources.
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