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Ensuring our planet is never short of breath

We go to Planica ski championships to hold our breath because of the excitement watching athletes doing their best. We want to inhale and exhale freely and enjoy the ski championships now and in the future. The better we breathe, the better we perform – as business-makers, athletes and fans – on and off ski trails.

Sponsoring the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships comes very natural for us, as forests, where most of the events take place, are at the heart of our business. Our purpose is to do good for people and planet. We do that by providing renewable products and innovations. With our expertise on sustainability and products made of wood, we are here to make these championships and our planet a better place to breathe and perform.

Stora Enso contributes to the sustainability and circularity of this large-scale sports event and showcase renewable and recyclable solutions in numerous applications. All our products and designs that are a part of the championships in Planica are listed and introduced here.

Presenting sponsor of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica 2023

Stora Enso has a long-term commitment as a sponsor of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Planica 2023 marks the fifth time the company will sponsor the championships, having served as presenting sponsor for the 2021 event in Oberstdorf Germany, 2019 event in Seefeld Austria, and 2017 in Lahti Finland, as well as being the main sponsor in Falun, Sweden in 2015. Stora Enso will also be the presenting sponsor in Trondheim, Norway 2025.

Read the release about Planica and Trondheim:

Stora Enso to sponsor FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica 2023 and Trondheim 2025

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