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We believe that our employees are key to our success. We offer a total rewards package to engage and motivate our employees, including elements such as compensation, employee benefits, professional development, growth opportunities, recognition and wellbeing.


We aim to provide remuneration that motivates, encourages, attracts and retains employees who are willing to commit to our transformation journey as the renewable materials company. To maximise the effectiveness of the remuneration policy, the remuneration package is carefully considered to ensure alignment with shareholder interests and best market practice. We strive to be competitive on the local markets and hence offers different remuneration elements in different countries.


Our, employees’ total compensation consists of base salary and variable compensation as well as benefits and pensions where applicable. The different compensation elements form a one full compensation package and is something that employees can influence themselves through their performance.
Compensation review is an annual process with the aim to ensure that our employees are being rewarded in accordance with Stora Enso’s remuneration policy for employees and with local regulations, such as labour laws and collective agreements.


We offer a wide range of different benefits to our employees in different countries. Benefits may include for example leisure activities, special days, or support in different life situations.

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Professional development

We are proud to say that we provide a wide range of different career and professional development opportunities for our employees. Each employee has the opportunity to shape their own career and we strive to create rewarding, inspiring and motivating career paths. For example, we encourage our employees to participate in training and mentoring programmes, take on new roles within the organisation, or go on international assignments.

Performance and recognition

Rewards are always influenced by the performance of an individual together with team or unit. The total compensation of an employee consists of base salary and variable compensation in the form of incentive programmes based on your individual performance.


The foundation of our employee wellbeing is based on an inclusive work environment were we promote both physical, mental, and social health. Our wellbeing programme offers our employees tools to understand and improve the elements impacting their wellbeing and ensure work-life balance.

Contributing towards a renewable future

As an employee, you will contribute towards a more sustainable world by helping to develop forest-based renewable material solutions to replace non-renewable materials. We believe everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.
Voluntary community investment is an essential part of building a sustainable future for our business at Stora Enso. Our goal is to ensure that we have a positive impact on the communities near our operations and therefore each Stora Enso employee has the opportunity to volunteer eight hours of paid work time annually to charitable causes.

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