Your future is plastic free

Choose plastic-free. And no, just recycling is not enough. Plastic made from oil can be recycled but it doesn’t grow back. We can’t completely remove plastic but we can reduce the amount of it. You can too, if you choose renewable materials. Here are some examples where you can make a difference.
Read about replacing plastics in Swedish and Finnish.

Animated paper cup

Choose a renewable cup

Most take-away coffees come in a cup made from carton board. They are renewable, recyclable, and can also be biodegradable. Next time you buy a coffee to go, ask if you can also get a non-plastic lid. The renewable fibre-based lid will soon be all around, hopefully even in a coffee shop near you.

Animated straw

No more plastic straws

Want a straw for your drink? Choose one that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Traditional plastic straws can be replaced with renewable ones, based on biocomposite material made of wood and natural binders.

Animated Salad box

Your ready-meal in a bio-based package

Renewable and recyclable paperboard trays make an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or foil trays, when you need to have your food from freezer via oven to table. In the future, even the transparent film on top of the trays can be made from micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) to replace plastic.

Animated pillow

Sleep on a pillow made from a tree

Did you know that dissolving pulp, made from wood, can be turned into textiles? It’s a renewable and recyclable raw material for textiles such as clothing, home textiles and nonwovens, replacing materials like cotton or oil-based polyester.

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