Your future is plastic free

Everything that can be made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. 

Stora Enso is committed to replacing fossil-based materials as much as possible with wood-based renewable materials, paving the way towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

While plastic made from oil can be recycled, it will never be renewable. Paper, board and bio-based materials are renewable, recyclable and help to reduce CO2 emissions by providing low-carbon alternatives to fossil-based solutions. We are committed to sustainable forestry and ensuring that the trees we harvest grow back. With continuous innovation, fibre-based materials are equally strong, lightweight and versatile as fossil-based plastics and other non-renewable materials.

Replacing fossil-based plastics with renewable materials is a gradual process and it will not happen overnight. We can’t completely remove plastic but we can reduce the amount of it. In the future, your everyday products will come in packages made from trees. The packaging of the future will come in many different shapes and sizes and will be renewable, recyclable and in many cases also biodegradable. They will be made using various tree-based materials such as cellulose, board and paper, micro-fibrillated cellulose, biocomposites, as well as wood-based and plant-based plastic.

The potential of tree-based materials goes beyond packaging. Through innovation, Stora Enso is focusing on the further development of existing products based on trees as well as newer areas such as biobarriers, intelligent packaging, biobased carbon fibre, biobased carbons, bio-based plastics, dissolving pulp and novel cellulose materials.