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New wraparound packaging machine at Valio saves material and natural resources

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Stora Enso Packaging has partnered with Finnish dairy and food company Valio non-stop since the 1940s. Cooperation has been going on for decades in terms of packaging automation, too. More than 80 packaging machines have been delivered to Valio over the years, and one more, a wraparound machine for grated-food bags, was put to use at Valio’s plant in Vantaa, Finland, in 2018.

The new wraparound packaging machine for large bags of grated food is more efficient and economical compared to its predecessors. Representing a completely new machine generation, the machine is of high quality and extremely user-friendly. It will enable savings in the use of corrugated cardboard material because material costs are lower for the new wraparound system.

Head of the Stora Enso packaging automation team Petri Aalto says the entire machine environment was custom-designed in cooperation with the client. The turnkey order was delivered in June 2018.

“Our packaging automation team has grown, and thereby we now have more design resources. We can now provide more fluent and effective mapping of the client’s needs and the conceptualization and development of a comprehensive packaging machine solution,” Aalto says.

Solution development starts in the product

The Stora Enso packaging automation team mentioned by Petri Aalto covers everything from box-shaping tools to larger packaging cells, machines and palletizing systems. Deliveries also include peripheral equipment, such as conveyors and weighing, labelling and wrapping solutions. Old packaging units can be combined with new ones when necessary.

“The client’s product is the cornerstone of our operation. When necessary, we design and build a packaging machine solution around the product from scratch. After that we integrate the machine into the plants’ production system and help the customer with the delivery and implementation. We stay along all the way and support the customer for as long as they need us,” Aalto says.

He has noted that customers really appreciate Stora Enso’s expertise in providing both the packaging system and the corrugated cardboard system.

“It is easy to manage the project when just one supplier is delivering the entire solution. This applies to situations and areas requiring changes or adjustment, too. When necessary, our professionals in mechanics and packaging solutions find out quickly whether it is the material or the equipment that needs updating,” Aalto says.


Experience manifested in the result

The wraparound packaging machine delivered to Valio was Stora Enso team’s tour de force.

“The packer system for the grated-food bags represents our 30 years of history in this line of work. It includes all the required features of a top-class wraparound packaging machine and many details that make the machine easier to use. In the design phase, special attention was paid to the machine’s hygiene and ergonomics. A robot sorts the bags of various sizes into several packing patterns,” Petri Aalto explains.

In addition to Aalto, the Stora Enso packaging automation team includes sales manager Reijo Löppönen, project manager Teemu Vikman, and in charge of maintenance and implementation, Tuomas Hurskainen.


W 50 wraparound packaging machine

Swedish Österbergs’ W50 wraparound packaging machine delivered to Valio’s plant in Vantaa was developed based on more than 30 years of experience and 800 machine deliveries. The result is a robust, user-friendly machine with top-class usability. The concept is built around a basic machine that folds and shapes a corrugated cardboard box for a product group. Product categorization is created to match the basic machine according to the product and the customer’s requirements.


Another wraparound packaging machine delivered to an ice cream factory in Oulu

Valio returned to the ice cream markets after more than a decade with the retail roll-out of their new Valio Ice Cream line of products in March 2018. Ice cream makers in Oulu and Valio’s product development team developed six exciting flavours, including salty caramel, fresh strawberry and basil, the very Finnish blueberry and rye, rich carrot cake, sweet macchiato chocolate, and feisty, salty liquorish with chile.

Made in the Valio dairy of Oulu, the products ship across the world in corrugated cardboard boxes provided by Stora Enso and a new wraparound packaging machine. Sales manager Jouko Komulainen says that the machine delivered in the winter of 2018 runs like clockwork.

“Our production line handles one flavour at a time. The machine sorts six cups of half litres and wraps the packaging around them. Based on the feedback, the new machine is working really well.”