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Papira®: A bio-based future with plastic-free packaging 

Cutting-edge Tree Tech, eliminating plastics in protective packaging 

Stora Enso has great news for the packaging industry, and every company seeking to reduce their dependence on fossil sources. Papira® by Stora Enso is our breakthrough innovation designed to reduce plastics and waste in future packaging solutions. This bio-based and recyclable alternative to fossil-based materials proves that wood fibres can phase out expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polyethylene (PE) foams. Papira® by Stora Enso is the result of ingenuity – and our aim to make protective packaging renewable.

The industry is in dire need for a bio-based and sustainable solution for safeguarding products during transport, storage, and handling. The shift towards sustainable choices in the packaging industry reflects global environmental issues and regulatory pressures, as well as consumer preference for renewable alternatives.

Pioneer cases


Papira® revolutionizing the furniture packaging industry

Baiba Glass

Papira® supports art – with sustainable packaging and design excellence 


Papira® brings bio-based foam to consumer packaging

Plastic-free and recyclable

Responsibly sourced, biodegradable in home compost, and sustainable through the entire lifecycle, Papira® is made of wood fibre from sustainably managed Nordic forests. Rigid, and with excellent shock absorbing properties, it is suitable for a wide variety of application needs from industrial, electronic and medical equipment – to fragile goods such as glass, arts and antiques. Papira® is fully recyclable with paper and board materials, allowing it to be part of a circular material flow in existing packaging waste management systems all over the world. 
Papira® has us excited for the future and material from our pilot plant show promise for future packaging with lower carbon footprint and less waste – and great protective properties. Contact us to learn more on how Papira® could be a part of your solution in a renewable future.

Why choose Papira?

Key benefits

  • Bio-based, plastic-free and biodegradable material from FSC® / PEFC™-certified wood raw material

  • Recyclable with paper and board materials

  • Excellent cushioning performance, lightweight and endless design possibilities


  • Protective packaging

  • Thermal packaging

  • Sound and construction insulation


  • Sustainability Awards Finalist 2022

  • Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2021

  • German Packaging Award 2021

  • Packaging Innovation Award 2019

  • Bio Stars Pitch Winner 2019

  • Best Packaging Innovation 2018

Get in touch

We are seeking for partners which are interested in this new development material. Please contact us by using the form in the blue pop-up.

Papira® is currently in pilot stage and is not yet available for commercial sales.

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