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NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso

NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso

No bleaching, more nature – discover fluff pulp 2.0

Consumers are increasingly looking for products that are natural, safe to use and have a low environmental footprint. We want to enable our customers the possibility of offering exactly this to their customers – consumers.

Discover the newest addition to the NaturaFluff pulp product portfolio - NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso. This new “fluff pulp 2.0” starts a new era in sustainable fluff pulp for hygiene (and air-laid nonwoven) producers. NaturaFluff Eco only differs from traditional fluff pulp in two ways: colour and carbon footprint. NaturaFluff Eco is an oxygen delignified fluff pulp. To produce it, we do not bleach the pulp. We treat it with oxygen to remove the lignin. As a result, this fluff pulp is of a warm natural beige colour and has a roughly 30% lower carbon footprint in comparison to traditional fluff pulp, but its performance isn’t altered.

NaturaFluff Eco fulfills all the requirements of a purely natural raw material. It is made from wood and comes from sustainably managed forests. Its natural colour clearly communicates the natural source of its origin, and as a raw material, it is fully biodegradable. NaturaFluff Eco is perfectly suited for use in demanding hygiene applications (any baby care, feminine care, adult incontinence care products) or even in air-laid nonwovens materials.

NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso is:

NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso


A new era for the hygiene industry

We at Stora Enso have been following developments in the hygiene industry closely for long. Not only do consumers seek more environmentally friendly alternatives but so do companies. Pressure is also increasing on the regulatory front in many countries. 

We want to offer our customers safe and sustainable products; products made from renewable materials where the use of chemicals is minimized. NaturaFluff Eco is a more natural and sustainable choice. 

As our customer, with NaturaFluff Eco, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your product and offer consumers a more sustainable alternative, better for them and for our planet. All our NaturaFluff grades fulfil the requirements of all common eco-labels such as the EU Eco label, Nordic Swan, Blue Angel among others. 


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NaturaFluff by Stora Enso


Consumers are ready for environmentally friendly hygiene products

Hygiene products, such as baby diapers and feminine care products, have traditionally been white. What if the bleaching process were taken out so that we could have more eco-friendly products with a warm natural beige colour? Would consumers be willing to switch to such products?

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Did you know?

All our NaturaFluff grades fulfill the requirements of all common eco-labels such as the EU Eco label, Nordic Swan, Blue Angel and Asthma Allergy Nordic.

Are you ready for the next generation of eco-friendly hygiene products?

Why choose NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso?

Key benefits

  • ~30% lower carbon footprint than traditional fluff pulp

  • No bleaching, only oxygen delignification

  • FSC® and PEFC™ chain-of-custody certified products from sustainably managed forests

  • Provide your customer with the benefits of a greener, free-from product

  • Fulfils the requirements of all common eco-labels (EU Eco label, Nordic Swan, Blue Angel among others)

End-use applications

  • Baby care products (diapers)

  • Feminine care products

  • Adult-incontinence products

  • Air-laid nonwovens

NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso. Maximal performance, minimal environmental impact.

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