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Supercell office in Wood City, Helsinki

Office Buildings

The office buildings of the future are made of wood

Increasingly, employers and building owners are looking for office buildings that are aligned with their sustainability goals and reflect the fact that they value their employees’ wellbeing. Office buildings constructed from wood can help employers to attract and retain the best people and win more business.

The office building concept aims at being a guide to creating the most efficient office building based on Stora Enso´s massive wood products such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) and Rib panels.

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Photo: WO2

Wood City Office

Photo: Stora Enso

The Green House

Photo: Jim Stephenson Photgraphy

Top 3 reasons to build your office in wood

Health & wellbeing
The principles of biophilic design indicate that humans desire to connect with their natural environment. Extensive research |link to study well-being|taken place over the past 30 years prove the positive effects on health and wellbeing of working in environments where natural materials and wood are visible. It has also been observed that the productivity increases and the sick leaves decrease.

Sustainable office buildings aim to balance the needs of today and those of future generations; they are built without depleting natural resources and without other harmful environmental and social impacts. Today, sustainable buildings mostly aim at reducing carbon emissions, and at providing healthy and comfortable conditions for users, not only during the use phase, but also in the materials, construction and after use phase.

Building with wood can help save costs due to: higher degree of prefabrication, shorter construction time, and less space required for storage and logistics at the construction site.
Due to the significantly lower loads from timber elements, the total number of trucks to a site is greatly reduced which means not only lower transportation costs, but also more sustainable transportation.
In comparison to concrete, the use of timber construction material significantly reduces the weight of the whole building. This allows the building to be constructed over restricted load areas such as railway station boxes and transfer structures.

Office buildings in massive wood


An architect's perspective - Ed Hayden, Scott Brownrigg

An engineer's perspective - Alan Dowdall, Ramboll

A developer's perspective - Michael Davis, JLL

Watch the webinar - Office building concept launch

Office buildings launch thumbnail

The feelgood material

There are now countless studies showing that people working and living in wooden buildings work better and feel better. Productivity rates go up 8% according to one study, while general wellbeing improves 13%.

Our industrial buildings concept gives you the starting point to create a working environment that your colleagues and clients will want to spend more time in.

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Wellbeing whitepaper

Digital support

We provide a series of digital tools to help you from early concept design all the way to the building site. For example, Calculatis is a free, state-of-the-art web-based design tool that allows you to analyse structural elements in mass-engineered wood products. It supports all steps of the construction process and helps you save time and access all calculations in one place.

Other tools include our BIM Toolbox that provides architects and building engineers with BIM object data. Take a look at what digital tools we have to support your work. 

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