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Massive wooden multi-storey building

Residential multi storey

Multi-storey residential buildings in massive wood

As a leader in innovative wood products, Stora Enso has supplied massive wood for successful tall wood projects across Europe. Multi-storey buildings in massive wood are high-performing, renewable structures that can help to meet the growing demand for new urban buildings and more efficient, sustainable construction.

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Top 3 reasons to build residential buildings in wood

High precision off-site manufacturing

Our engineered wood products enable and industrial method of construction that reduces assembly time and risks on site, helping to increase the productivity, the quality and the value of a building.

Shorter construction times and faster ROI

Quicker construction times result in lower development costs and faster return of investment. Construction times are significantly reduced by assembling the building g frame on site from offsite manufactured elements.

Environmentally friendly across the life cycle

Stora Enso´s construction materials are based on renewable wood from sustainably managed forests. Engineered wood products reduce material waste and are designed for a long service life, enhancing the overall building´s sustainability performance.

The feelgood material

There are now countless studies showing that people working and living in wooden buildings work better and feel better. Productivity rates go up 8% according to one study, while general wellbeing improves 13%.

Our industrial buildings concept gives you the starting point to create a working environment that your colleagues and clients will want to spend more time in.

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Wellbeing whitepaper

Digital support

We provide a series of digital tools to help you from early concept design all the way to the building site. For example, Calculatis is a free, state-of-the-art web-based design tool that allows you to analyse structural elements in mass-engineered wood products. It supports all steps of the construction process and helps you save time and access all calculations in one place.

Other tools include our BIM Library that provides architects and building engineers with BIM object data. Take a look at what digital tools we have to support your work. 


The making of CLT by Stora Enso

Biodiversity in Nordic forests


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