Welcome to the industrial evolution

Welcome to the industrial evolution

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Low-carbon industrial buildings

It’s never been this easy to build a warehouse in wood and it’s never been more important. We need to reduce global emissions to mitigate climate change and we need to provide adequate and productive working environments at the same time. You can cut your embodied emissions by up to 30% with a wooden industrial building.

Our building concept provides eight different building types to work from with spans ranging from 12 to 36 metres to meet every kind of industrial operation.

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It’s flexible too

All our industrial building types included are modular and can be adapted to suit your needs. They give you the foundation to either create a new design based on one of the types, or to use the existing design as it is. They’re designed for manufacturing and assembly and can even be built for disassembly and reassembly. 

Our solutions provide you with all the components required to design and build a range of different industrial buildings. All our solutions work with pre-optimised wooden elements manufactured off-site, making the construction process faster and more efficient. 

Find the right building type for your next project

Industrial concept drawing
Explore eight different wooden industrial building types in our 3D tool and get inspired.

The evolution of an industry
A wooden building was the obvious choice when we transformed part of our paper mill in Hyltebruk, Sweden, into a formed fiber factory. 

“When you walk from the old plant and into the new one, it’s like the difference between night and day.”, says Adam Örnstedt, production engineer. Download our case study to read more about our CLT solution.

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Discover our eight industrial building types

Wooden industrial buildings offer a wide range of benefits and design opportunities:

  • Cut embodied emissions by up to 30%
  • All buildings are modular, providing flexible design opportunities
  • Designed for manufacturing and assembly
  • We combine the best wooden elements, pre-fabricated and ready for the building site
  • Choose from eight different typologies to develop your own industrial building
  • We provide state-of-the-art digital tools to help you throughout the project life-cycle
  • Better working atmosphere in wooden buildings: improve well-being and productivity

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Brochure spread cover

The feelgood material

There are now countless studies showing that people working and living in wooden buildings work better and feel better. Productivity rates go up 8% according to one study, while general wellbeing improves 13%.

Our industrial buildings concept gives you the starting point to create a working environment that your colleagues and clients will want to spend more time in.


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Wellbeing whitepaper

Digital support

We provide a series of digital tools to help you from early concept design all the way to the building site. For example, Calculatis is a free, state-of-the-art web-based design tool that allows you to analyse structural elements in mass-engineered wood products. It supports all steps of the construction process and helps you save time and access all calculations in one place.

Other tools include our BIM Library that provides architects and building engineers with BIM object data. Take a look at what digital tools we have to support your work. 


The making of CLT by Stora Enso

Biodiversity in Nordic forests


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