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A basic book paper ideal for pocket books

Bulky is an efficient, high-bulk book paper with excellent runnability and printability.

An uncoated mechanical high-bulk paper for books with a bluish-white shade, Bulky by Stora Enso offers maximum bulk and promotes high print efficiency. It delivers great print performance and distribution savings for high-volume print runs.

Bulky is a high-quality paper, featuring an even shade, thickness, high bulk and brightness. Bulky makes a great choice, especially for books without colour graphics.

With its high bulk, our Bulky book paper gives the impression of a thicker, stiffer paper but with the same weight as a standard paper. The extra bulk enhances the reader’s perceived value and enables you to lower postal and production costs without sacrificing the quality. Like all our papers, it is recyclable and made from wood procured from sustainably managed sources.

Bulky is available in a grammage range of 45-60 gsm. For Cameron belt press, CSWO and digital printing. Available as reels.

Key benefits

  • Basic book paper for longer print runs

  • A bulky paper that provides a yield advantage

  • Lower basis weights offer cost savings

  • Ideal for pocket books

  • Sustainably sourced and manufactured, with EU Ecolabel certification and FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody certification

End-use areas and applications

  • Pocket books

  • Paperbacks

  • Textbooks

  • Puzzle books

  • Longer print runs
  • Lower basis weights offer cost savings
  • For pocket books, paperbacks, textbooks and puzzle books

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