Rescale the world into pocket size

LumiLeaf is a newcomer to the world of thin printing papers. It is a high quality paper that offers excellent opacity, runnability and foldability. It is the perfect choice for medical and cosmetic leaflets, manuals and booklets as well as books.

LumiLeaf meets the demands of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), crucial for optical reading of bar codes - the high luminescence of the paper ensures the functionality of optical readers which direct the placement of leaflets in medical boxes. Production reliability is guaranteed by excellent printing and folding properties, together with high-speed runnability.

Key benefits

  • 1

    Easy-folding properties for small leaflets

  • 2

    Very good opacity ensures good readability

  • 3

    Excellent runnability in printing and converting

  • 4

    Well suited for offset printing in reels and sheets

  • 5

    Recyclable, based on renewable material, wood

End-use and applications

Technical specifications