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Reading advertisement papers

Advertising print

Make the right impression with quality papers for advertising print

In a print campaign, brand owners and advertisers need to carefully consider the target audience, brand image and where to advertise. And just as important is their choice of paper. With papers for advertising print, you can bring images, words and marketing campaigns to life.

The right paper type, weight and finish – maximum value and impact

We can help you choose the right mix of paper type and qualities to get the most value out of your printed communications.

Coated papers are the typical papers of choice for marketing material such as brochures, catalogues, annual reports, leaflets, flyers and anything you won’t be writing on. Thanks to the coating, they produce sharper text and vibrant images with less dot gain. Our coated papers are more opaque than uncoated ones, so you can safely print on two sides and avoid bleed-through from the back, even on thin paper.

Uncoated papers are less smooth than coated and offer a non-glare surface that easily absorbs ink. They are easy to write on and can be used for inexpensive flyers and promo material. Both our coated and uncoated papers come in gloss, matt, satin and other finishes.

Whether for offset, rotogravure or digital, we offer a wide variety of high-quality papers. All our papers for advertising print are sustainability produced from renewable sources, making your print projects more eco-friendly.


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