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An everyday choice in SC paper offering superior value and performance.

PubliPress by Stora Enso is a mechanical SC-A super calendered paper that feature excellent runnability, printability and cost-efficiency for high-quality catalogues and magazines in high-volume rotogravure and offset printing.

Manufactured at an FSC® and PEFC™ certified mill, PubliPress makes a sustainable and reliable choice for printers and retailers.

All PubliPress supercalendered papers are available as reels. PubliPress papers are available in a grammage range of 45-56 gsm.

Key benefits

  • PubliPress: Value for money, all around reliable SC-A grade

  • Works in both HSWO and rotogravure

  • A sustainable choice, with EU Ecolabel certification and FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody certification

End-use areas and applications

  • Supplements

  • Catalogues

  • Brochures

  • Mass-circulation magazines

  • Inserts

  • Inserts

  • Excellent runnability, printability and cost-efficiency
  • Works in both HSWO and rotogravure
  • Ideal for Supplements, Catalogues and more

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