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A fully recycled, soft-calendered bulky multi-purpose paper

EnviMatt is an online, soft calendered fully recycled uncoated mechanical paper. Due to its ideal brightness, high print sharpness and haptic features, it’s well suited for a wide range of printed applications.

EnviMatt’s features like brightness, soft touch surface and high opacity make it an excellent choice for advertisers and publishers alike. As a multi-purpose paper, it is ideal for mass media applications such as supplements, catalogues, inserts and flyers.

Manufactured at FSC® and PEFC™ certified mills, EnviMatt makes a sustainable, reliable choice for printers and retailers.

EnviMatt comes in grammages of 49, 52, 56 and 60 and is suitable for waterless printing, HSWO and inkjet printing. Product can be ordered in reels.

Key benefits

  • Ideal brightness and high sharpness

  • Higher bulk makes the use of lower grammages possible (less postal costs and paper usage)

  • Well suited for retail thanks to its economical characteristics

  • Available in larger reel diameters (+125cm)

  • Made from 100% recycled fibre

End-use areas and applications

  • Newspaper supplements

  • Tv-guides

  • Retail flyers

  • Magazines

  • Print sharpness
  • High bulk
  • Soft touch feeling

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