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Newsprint papers

Make headlines with newsprint papers for everyday news or something special

Whether you’re looking for standard or improved newsprint papers, our solutions deliver. When you have large print runs – as with newspaper and supplements – the paper you use needs to maintain a consistent quality so that you can achieve good printability and runnability. Our newsprint papers offer the optimal mix of excellent print results, grammage range and cost efficiency.

Stora Enso newsprint papers have a wide range of uses in commercial printing, including newspapers, free sheets, tabloids, inserts, magazine and week-end supplements, circulars and special-interest catalogues. Both primary fibre and recycled newsprint paper are used in production.

Versatile newsprint papers for diverse uses

Standard newsprint paper
The most common type of newsprint paper used to print major newspapers. For CSWO printing.

Improved newsprint paper
Slightly thicker and brighter than standard newsprint paper. Because of its good surface, our improved newsprint paper is often used for the outside pages of newspapers or for a higher quality feel. 

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