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Residential multi-storey buildings in massive wood

Top 3 reasons to build residential buildings in wood

  • Environmentally friendly across the life cycle

  • High-precision off-site manufacturing

  • Shorter construction times

High-precision off-site manufacturing

The core of the building concept are Stora Enso’s solid structural wall panels and structurally glued rib slabs, which provide both technical performance and industrial quality. These engineered wood components enable an industrial method of construction that reduces assembly time on site and eliminates the need for wet concrete construction. 

Shorter construction times

Fast assembly times and follow-on installations result in lower development costs and faster return on investment. 

The building process consists of three phases: manufacturing, assembly and installation of additional equipment. In the first phase, elements are manufactured in the factory and equipped to the extent agreed with the client. In the second phase, the frame is assembled on site from pre-manufactured elements and protected from weather. In the third phase, secondary elements such as balconies and façade elements are installed along with HVAC installations and interior finishes.

Environmentally friendly across the life cycle

Today, sustainable homes aim at reducing carbon emissions while providing healthy and comfortable living conditions for occupants. Stora Enso’s construction materials and building concepts are based on low environmental impact, renewable wood from sustainably managed forests. The pre-fabricated components reduce material waste during construction and are designed for a long service life, enhancing the building's sustainability performance. 

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