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Effex® Dura

Photo: Jonas Lindström/Elitfönster

Expanding horizons with innovative product design

When you desire long span panoramic windows and sliding doors that bring the outdoors in, Effex Dura, is the obvious solution. An innovative design made from Nordic Pine with load bearing strength to truly maximise glass surfaces and open up those wide panoramic views and flood your space with natural light.

With its multi-lamella structure on the visual side of the component, Effex Dura offers an attractive, visible surface making it easy to achieve an elegant look. The surface can also be stained for a natural-looking finish.


End use

  • Window sashes
  • Door frames
  • Blanks
  • Staircases
  • Handrails
  • Furniture

We produce Effex Dura components to customer-specific requirements. Customers can specify several details, such as the:

  • Precise Woodheart® content
  • The level of quality for visible and hidden surfaces
  • The dimensions of the shoulder

Our highly detailed quality product cards come with drawings to help ensure everyone involved in the project has the same understanding before we produce the final component.


As the first large-scale component manufacturer in Europe, we have developed a deep knowledge of component production and wood as a raw material. We specialize in producing tailor made products ensuring quality every step of the way.

  • All our raw materials are scanned by utilizing state of art technology to guarantee the best possible quality, according to customer specification.
  • Precision fabrication of all our products deliver uniform quality with highly accurate size tolerances, enabling maximum performance for end-products for decades to come.
  • Country specific product quality certificates include: Nordic Certified ScantlingsRISE/CR022 and VinduesIndustrien (DVV)

Quality certificates

Product datasheet


All our wood supply chains are covered by a wood traceability system that is third-party verified according to PEFC, FSC®, ISO 14001 and they all meet all European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. We ensure that the forests we harvest are duly regenerated.

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