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Exceptional strength for exceptional design

Woodheart is a Stora Enso trademark premium product, so named because it is the solid heartwood found deep at the core of our pine trees. Rich with tannins, often dark and aromatic heartwood is exceptionally strong making it long-lasting and resistant to all weathers. Typically reserved for our customers that demand the most stable and durable raw material that can stand the test of time.


End use

The utilization of pine heartwood is most suited to any weather exposed surfaces. In most applications the risk of rot and fungal decay is greatly reduced and the need for chemical impregnation or protection is not necessary especially when combined with a suitable joinery surface coating and best practice design.

End uses include:

  • Window sashes, frames, posts, skirtings, and more
  • Door frames jambs, posts and thresholds



As the first large-scale component manufacturer in Europe, we have developed a deep knowledge of component production and wood as a raw material. We specialize in producing tailor made products ensuring quality every step of the way.

  • All our raw materials are scanned by utilizing state of art technology to guarantee the best possible quality, according to customer specification.
  • Precision fabrication of all our products deliver uniform quality with highly accurate size tolerances, enabling maximum performance for end-products for decades to come.
  • Country specific product quality certificates include: Nordic Certified ScantlingsRISE/CR022 and VinduesIndustrien (DVV)

Quality certificates


Each component has a pre-set heartwood content, which has been carefully planned to allow for maximum coverage of heartwood on the exposed sections of the windows and doors.

The heartwood content, pith position and grain angle are all pre-set for each component

Using latest tomographic x-ray technology logs are scanned and selected to gain material with the highest heart wood content.

Our four European manufacturing units are integrated with the sawmills. This way, we maintain control over the entire supply chain from raw material to the finished bespoke component. For you, this means a reliable supply, better service and on-time deliveries. 

All our mills uphold management systems with responsible, efficient, clean, and safe working environments (ISO 9001 quality, ISO 45001 safety and ISO50001 energy efficiency).



Product datasheet


All our wood supply chains are covered by a wood traceability system that is third-party verified according to PEFC, FSC®, ISO 14001 and they all meet all European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. We ensure that the forests we harvest are duly regenerated.

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