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We continuously strive to improve our sustainability performance and reporting, and to keep investors informed of our progress, ambitions, and future direction. On this page you can find a range of sustainability-related topics that matter to our business and to our key stakeholders.

Stora Enso Biodiversity teach-in

Watch the recording from our online event for investors and analysts on November 3 2021.


Forest Floor, News


Sustainable forest management safeguards forest health and productivity, and protects biodiversity – whilst securing the long-term availability of our renewable resources.
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Wooden high-rise building

Climate change

To us - the key to combating climate change involves the use of renewable materials, resource and energy efficient production processes, and sustainable forest management practices.
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Food tray


At Stora Enso, we believe that recycling is not enough. The world needs materials that are both renewable and recyclable - a circular bioeconomy - to combat climate change and to minimise waste.
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Environmental responsibility

We use natural resources with care and respect the local environment.
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Man in production

Social responsibility

We care about all our people, respect local communities, and conduct ethical business.
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Our reporting

Our sustainability KPI's

Our sustainability KPI's





Our sustainability report

Our sustainability report

Green bonds

Stora Enso has a Green Bond Framework as part of its Sustainable Finance strategy. The ongoing ambition is to offer fixed income instruments that support sustainability-focused investors, and to report the direct environmental impacts of specific investments and business activities.

More about Green Bonds

Stora Enso ESG rating by agency

Rating agency Stora Enso Score Changes vs. previous score Rating against peers Last update

Climate A-
Forest B
Water B

Climate and Water unchanged, declined in Forest from A- to B Clearly above the industry average level Q4/2022
FTSE Russell 4.5 / 5.0 Improved from 4.4 to 4.5 Clearly above the industry average level Q4/2022
ISS Corporate Rating B- / A+ Unchanged Among highest decile rank in the industry sector Q2/2022
ISS Quality Score Governance 2*
Social 1
Environment 1
Improved in Governance from 4 to 2* Clearly above the industry average level Q4/2022
MSCI AAA / AAA Unchanged Clearly above the industry average level Q3/2022
Sustainalytics 15.9 / 40.0 Improved from 18.0 to 15.9** Clearly above the industry average level Q1/2022
VigeoEiris*** 73 / 100 Improved from 68 to 73 Highest ranked company in the industry Q3/2021

* 1 indicating the lowest risk
** 0 indicating the lowest risk
*** V.E. part of Moody's ESG solutions

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