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Business ethics

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A value-driven culture promoting honesty, transparency and ethical behaviour is key to Stora Enso’s long-term success.

Compliance with laws and regulations is what gives a company its licence to operate and helps it to navigate a changing business environment. Stora Enso operates globally, including in high-risk markets that offer business opportunities but may entail exposure to serious compliance risks. Measures are taken to help combat corruption, follow international trade sanctions, ensure sound business practices, and preserve competitive markets.

Our work is guided by its values ‘Lead’ and ‘Do what’s right’, and by empowering all employees to speak up against misconduct or unethical behaviour. We aim to establish a value-driven culture where people are guided by a common moral compass when faced with difficult decisions, act with integrity and speak up against misconduct or unethical behaviour. Our target is to maintain a positive trend in the Ethics and Compliance Index, measured as part of our annual employee engagement survey. In 2023, the Ethics and Compliance Index was 8.9 (scale 0-10). 

Stora Enso Code and focus on four key areas

The Stora Enso Code, the Group’s code of conduct, outlines the approach to ethical business practices, human and labour rights, and the environment. The Code is a single set of values for all employees, applied wherever Stora Enso operates. All new Stora Enso employees are required to complete the Code training. Our Ethics and Compliance Strategy supports the Stora Enso's strategy, focusing on innovation, growth, and value creation in the bioeconomy. Key areas for our culture of integrity are:

  1. Value-based leadership
  2. Risk assessment and compliance
  3. Ethical dialogue
  4. Speak Up – Listen Up

Our employees are encouraged to report any suspected cases of misconduct or unethical behaviour. Reporting is done via any of Stora Enso’s grievance channels, by personal contact, e-mail, letter, phone or anonymously via the ‘Speak Up’ Hotline. All cases are investigated and followed up on.

Group of people

Human rights

Our commitment to respect human rights covers all our operations, including our employees, contractors, suppliers, and surrounding communities. 

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