Sustainability targets and key performance indicators (KPIs)

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KPIs 2020 2019 2018 Targets Progress
Pictogram Human rights Implementation of Human Rights due diligence programme 22 out of 24 development actions finalised in Group function processes 24 development actions mapped in Group function processes Eight highest priority human rights defined Actions to address the development findings in Group function processes to be completed by the end of 2020 Not achieved
Pictogram Employees and wider workforce Total Recordable Incident (TRI) rate1 6.1 7.0 6.1

4.7 milestone by the end of 2020

Not achieved
New milestone will be communicated in the Interim Report for Q1 2021
Leadership Index2 84 83 83 85 by the end of 2022 In progress
Pictogram Community % of working hours and in-kind in community investments (CI)3 41% 46% 50% 70% by end of 2023 while also increasing the total CI In progress
Pictogram Business ethics Code of Conduct Index2 86 84 85 Positive trend Achieved
Pictogram Materials, water, and energy
Number of significant environmental incidents4 8 9 8 Zero significant incidents Not achieved
Materials: Process residuals utilisation rate (%) 98% 98% 98% Maintain the high utilisation rate of 98% Achieved
Water: Total Water Withdrawal per saleable tonne of board, pulp, and paper (m3/tonne)
65 61 56 Decreasing trend from a 2016 base-year (57 m3) Not achieved
Water: Process water discharge per saleable tonne of board, pulp, and paper (m3/tonne)
31 29 26 Decreasing trend from a 2016 base-year (27m3) Not achieved
Energy: Reduction in electricity and heat consumption per saleable tonne of board, pulp, and paper (kWh/tonne)
0.2% −3.7% −3.8%6 −15% by the end of 2020 from a 2010 base-year Not achieved
Energy: Projected Energy Savings % (kWh saved/kWh total used, electricity and heat)
−0.9% −1.4 −1.3% −0.8% annual energy saving until 2030 Achieved
Pictogram Carbon dioxide Reduction in CO2 equivalents per saleable tonne of board, pulp, and paper (kg/tonne)
−26% −26% −18% −31% by the end of 2030 from a 2010 base-year In progress
Pictogram Forests, plantations, and land use
% of the lands owned or managed by Stora Enso that are in wood production and harvesting covered by forest certification schemes
98% 98% 96% Maintain the high coverage level of 96% Achieved
Pictogram Suppliers % of supplier spend covered by our Supplier Code of Conduct 96% 96% 95% Maintain the high coverage level of 95% Achieved
  1. Number of incidents among our own employees per one million hours worked. Including joint operations Veracel and Montes del Plata.
  2. Measured in the annual employee survey.
  3. Excluding joint operations. Community investments cover cash donations, employee working hours for voluntary community work, and in-kind.
  4. Environmental incidents involving a non-compliance with environmental legislation or a permit, or a significant stakeholder concern related to environmental performance. For more details, see Sustainability report 2020 page 42.
  5. Utilisation rate for process residuals excluding, for example, tall oil, turpentine, and wood chips.
  6. Recalculated due to additional data or organisational scope changes after the previous report. Read more about our calculation principles in Sustainability report p.68.

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