Recreate award-winning designs announced 2021, Newsroom

Winners of the Recreate Packaging competition 2021 announced

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For the fifth time, the biannual Recreate Packaging competition challenged the international design community to generate new and exciting packaging solutions. The theme of this year’s contest was “Design Circular”. Competitors were tasked with creating the next generation of renewable and circular packaging: to replace fossil-based materials with renewable ones, to reduce waste and enable easier and more efficient recycling.

Since people today want to live greener lives, they look for choices that can make the world a better place. That’s why we supplied the following Stora Enso materials for the contestants to use in their designs:

  • CKB Nude brown kraft board
  • Cupforma Natura food service board
  • Natura Life brown liquid packaging board
  • Tambrite / Tamfold carton boards

This year’s competition saw a big international turnout with 21 different countries represented from around the world. The engagement, innovation and creativity shown by competitors in tackling the brief shines through in the quality of entries received. But in the end, just 3 winners had to be chosen.

Recreate award-winning designs 2021 - Newsroom

Introducing the winners of the Recreate Packaging competition 2021. 1st place, “flatBowl” by Guillermo Acevedo Beltran from Colombia. 2nd place, “Shirt Packaging” by Viktoriia Schmidt and Arthur Schmidt from Germany. And 3rd place, “LOOP – The infinite Packaging” by Antonella Zeverino, Denise Aimar, Chiara Borghi and Valentina Rizzo from Italy.

Similar to previous editions, industry experts were invited to form a jury and determine the winners of the competition. They were to evaluate each design from these aspects: sustainability, functionality, user experience, market potential, innovation, production readiness and retail & logistic perspective. This is what some of the jury had to say about the winning designs.

The jury’s comments

Stefan Casey, Packaging Innovation Lead at Nestlé: “Personally, I am really pleased with the selection. They have a consistent look and feel. What is really good is that each of them is addressing the key challenges of today. They are also suitable for different needs and channels. In the award-winning collection, we have a solution for foodservice, e-commerce and retail provenance.”

Ida Backman, Copywriter at Oatly: “All the award-winning concepts have the capability to elevate the product being packed. The foodservice bowl makes the food taste better than on a plastic plate, the shirt looks more exclusive and the fruit is displayed at its best.”

Uwe Melichar, founder of MELICHAR Bros., epda president: “Our choice of winners is something with which we come up at the right moment, since from July this year we will have a ban of single use plastics and we need good alternatives.”

“A big thank you to all participants and the jury members”

Hannu Kasurinen, EVP Packaging Materials at Stora Enso, had these closing remarks on the competition: "Overall, I would like to warmly thank all participants and the jury members for their time. Please also stay in touch with us between this and the next Recreate Packaging."

And finally, Anna Manokhina, Project Manager of Recreate Packaging at Stora Enso: “Managing Recreate Packaging digitally is challenging, but the most important parts of the competition are still present: seeing impressive designs from all over the world and creating a unique experience for the participants and the jury – their warm words are the best reward for my work. Looking forward to the next Recreate Packaging competition!”

See all the award-winning designs on display at the Recreate Packaging website 

Award Ceremony 2021 - Winners announced

Did you know that Stora Enso Innovation Center for Packaging is also the home base of the Packaging Development and Design team? We are a global brand owner and retailer focused team of nine packaging experts providing a full service from the ideation to shelf-ready package. Whether you are looking for packaging optimization or a new innovative packaging, our dynamic and passionate team is there to support you.
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