A sustainable cellulose foam

We want to offer our customers a long-term and sustainable solution

At Stora Enso, we believe that recycling is not enough. The world needs materials that are both renewable and recyclable - a circular bioeconomy - to combat global warming and to minimise waste. In a circular economy, waste is minimised as materials are reused and recycled to maximise environmental and financial value. We believe that a circular economy is only truly possible when the raw materials we use are renewable. Cellulose foam by Stora Enso is a perfect example of this.

Protective packaging today is made from non-renewable resources. We want to offer our customers a long-term and sustainable alternative. In the future, all the plastic foams used as inserts in packaging today, could be substituted with cellulose foam. This unique bio-based foam is a mono-material derived from pulp that offers unprecedented attributes – it is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. This will allow for a circular material flow in existing waste management systems, facilitating the handling of packaging materials after use.

Today, less than a third of plastic waste in Europe is recycled while over 80% of paper and board materials are recycled*. We want to see a future where the use of fossil-based plastic diminishes, and solutions based on renewable materials become the norm. (*Source: Recycling in the EU). 

Certifications and Life Cycle Assessment

We have gone all the way when developing our cellulose foam and put sustainability first. Bio-based, biodegradable and paper recyclable have always been the core elements we want to be able to offer our customers. The environmental impact of our cellulose foam is currently being assessed and tests are being performed to obtain certifications.

Cellulose foam by Stora Enso

Reusable and recyclable – a bio-based material from sustainably managed forests

Our approach to responsible forest management takes into account the economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainability. We know the origin of all the wood we use: 100% comes from sustainable sources. We use various tools to ensure this, including forest certification and third-party traceability systems such as the Forest Stewardship Council's 1 (FSC®) Chain of Custody scheme, the Chain of Custody/Due Diligence System of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™), and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. We always ensure that the forests and plantations we harvest wood from are duly regenerated. In 2019, 87% of Stora Enso's wood came from managed semi-natural forests in Europe, while 13% originated from plantations.

Swedish forest

Three reasons why raw materials matter

1. Wood is renewable. This means that when forests are managed sustainably, trees can grow back forever. Sustainable forestry safeguards forest health, biodiversity, and productivity - we need healthy forests to do business.

2. Healthy forests combat global warming. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and carbon is stored in their fibers - the carbon will stay in the fibers when they are made into products and even through recycling.

3. Non-renewable raw materials cannot be replenished within our lifetime - if ever. Many of these raw materials are also fossil-based and do not re-absorb the greenhouse gases that are emitted in their production or consumption.