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FuraCore by Stora Enso

Why choose PEF from FuraCore® by Stora Enso?

At Stora Enso, we are at the forefront of transforming the industry from fossil-based materials to renewable solutions. Today, over 90% of chemicals and materials are fossil-based, and we want to change this.

That's why we have been working on developing our breakthrough FDCA (FuranDiCarboxylic Acid) FuraCore® process. FDCA is an organic chemical compound that occurs in nature and is the key building block for bio-based plastics such as PEF, and a range of other applications.

What is PEF?

PEF (Polyethylene Furanoate) is a bio-based plastic. You can melt it, mould it into shapes or draw it into films. PEF is just like its fossil-based counterpart PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), but it's bio-based and better. PEF is suited for rigid packaging applications such as bottles and trays, as well as for flexible packaging.

If product applications require plastic, why not switch to a plastic that makes sense? A plastic that performs, is fully recyclable and made from a bio-based raw material.

Where can you use PEF?

PEF is ideal for any application where it can replace fossil-based counterparts and lead to a better and more sustainable future:

  • Bottles, jars, and trays for food, beverages, cosmetics, and home & personal care products. 
  • Film and blisters for packaging of food, pharma, and for electronics applications. 
  • Fiber for textiles, tyre cords and other technical applications 

What makes PEF a plastic that makes sense?

  • PEF is an excellent choice for a circular economy; because it's bio-based, the raw material used to make PEF grows back

  • PEF has surprisingly good gas barrier properties, helping keep products fresh and carbonated for example.

  • PEF's mechanical strength and melt-low behavior enable innovative design options and light-weighting packages.

  • PEF’s thermal properties make hot filling and industrial washing for re-use fully tangible possibilities

  • PEF can be recycled with PET, and can be recycled separately, not disturbing existing recycling streams.

  • PEF stores biogenic carbon.

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