Performa Cream

Cream-back folding boxboard for chocolate packaging and more

Performa Cream by Stora Enso is a food-grade packaging material that works well in a variety of uses that demand rigidity, purity and good visual characteristics.

A coated GC2 folding boxboard, it features a triple-pigment-coated top side, with an uncoated cream reverse side. Performa Cream is odour and taste neutral and is approved for food contact. This makes it ideal as a chocolate packaging material and in spirits packaging and other food packaging. You can also use it for folding cartons for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Like all members of the Performa range, Performa Cream has a technically advanced three-layer fibre structure for material efficiency, toughness, bulk and runnability. Suitable for offset, flexo, rotogravure and digital printing.

Barrier coatings for food-safe packaging

Performa Cream PE comes with a transparent PE coating on its reverse side. Performa Cream PE is typically used for chocolate and confectionery, and frozen and chilled food products. Performa Cream 2PE has the coating on both sides. Performa Cream 2PE is typically used for frozen and chilled food products. Performa Cream PE and Performa Cream 2PE are available hard-sized (HS).

Why Performa Cream

  • Nice cream shade
  • Taste and odour neutrality
  • Bulk and material efficiency

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Cream reverse side and excellent top-side printability and yield benefits

  • 2

    Multi-layer structure provides strength and stiffness

  • 3

    Taint and odour neutral for use in sensitive food, confectionery and chocolate packaging

  • 4

    Barrier coating options for even greater versatility

  • 5

    FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Confectionery and chocolates packaging

  • 2

    Healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging

  • 3

    Frozen and chilled foods

  • 4

    Other folding cartons