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Building with CLT

Cross-laminated timber (CLT)

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Building the future with cross-laminated timber (CLT)

Across the world, cross-laminated timber (CLT) is making its mark as the innovative engineered wood product of the future. It has been successfully used in solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether in stunning structures like wooden high-rises and floating staircases or more everyday applications, CLT offers strength and stability, rapid assembly, cost effectiveness and excellent sustainability credentials.

What is cross-laminated timber (CLT)?

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) by Stora Enso is a massive wood construction product consisting of at least three single-layer panels that are bonded together crosswise. We use only environmentally-friendly adhesives to press them into structural CLT panels of exceptional dimensional stability and rigidity. 

CLT wood is available in different panel thicknesses depending on your structural requirements. We currently offer dimensions up to 3.45 × 16 m. 

The making of CLT by Stora Enso

CLT construction on the rise

It’s no wonder that CLT construction is on the rise. Lightweight yet strong, with superior acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance, cross-laminated timber is currently being used in place of concrete, masonry and steel in the construction of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Thanks to its inherent structural qualities, cross-laminated timber presents no limitations to architecture. CLT resists high racking and compressive forces, so it can be especially cost-effective for multi-storey and long-span applications. Because of its dimensional stability and structural properties, this massive wooden product is well suited for floors, walls and roofs.

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a highly flexible wood product that is easily tailored for further processing and can be used together with any building material. Compared with heavy mineral-based materials, CLT is easily moved by lighter cranes at the construction site.

High precision in the factory, high safety on site

CLT panels are pre-cut to size using computer-controlled cutting machines that make complex cuts with high precision. The CLT panels are generally prefabricated and transported to the building site.

Prefabrication means high precision and, in turn, a construction process characterised by faster completion times, less demand for workers on site and less disruption to the surrounding community. Prefabrication also helps increase construction site safety.

Rapid assembly, construction and dismantling

With CLT, you can prefabricate an entire project thanks to its precise fabrication and prefabricated nature. This saves you precious time and money on site because installation becomes more efficient.

Energy-efficient and sustainably produced construction timber

CLT by Stora Enso can help you meet the sustainability requirements of your clients. As a uniform product with minimal variations, CLT construction is energy-efficient.

Our cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a sustainable material made out of spruce sourced from sustainably managed sources.

Key benefits of CLT

  • Rapid assembly and construction on site helps to save time and lower total costs

  • Exceptionally strong, stiff and stable, can handle load transfer on all sides

  • Massive structure provides good thermal and sound insulation, plus impressive performance in event of fire

  • Sustainably sourced and produced wood can help meet carbon offset requirements and lower your environmental footprint

  • Strength combined with two-directional, long-span capabilities open up for innovative designs in wood

Images of CLT

Crome Court, CLT
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Moholt, CLT
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Moholt, CLT
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Crome Court, CLTCLTCLTCLTCLTMoholt, CLTMoholt, CLT

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