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All potential Stora Enso suppliers must first complete a pre-qualification process, before being assessed and audited to ensure they meet our responsible sourcing requirements.

Supplier pre-qualification

Potential suppliers receive detailed information on how to register in Stora Enso’s supplier management system and on the online courses they are required to complete. The pre-qualification process involves signing our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC).


Supplier sustainability risks at stora enso


Responsible Sourcing

Once pre-qualified, suppliers are assessed from risk and responsible sourcing perspectives by our purchasers who help suppliers to meet Stora Enso’s standards. Audits are used to assess individual suppliers, and our purchases help suppliers to facilitate any corrective action. We may terminate relationships with suppliers that do not meet our requirements.

Mandatory safety training

Safety is extremely important for Stora Enso, as expressed in our safety motto “everybody home safe, everyday”. To promote safety, suppliers should complete the mandatory online Safety Trail course in the prequalification phase.

We encourage our suppliers to circulate the Safety Trail within their organisations as widely as possible. Safety is a shared responsibility and we can all make a difference!

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