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Based in Germany, Sebastián Hernandez is R&D Manager, Building Solutions, in the Wood Products division.

“We develop application technology for next-generation building concepts by combining our prefabricated building products in smart ways,” Sebastián says. “It’s about how they work together to achieve the best-performing and most cost-efficient structures for our customers. It’s a highly digitalised environment in which we are pioneering new design and evaluation techniques.”

Sebastián studied architecture in his native Chile before moving to Germany and gaining extensive experience in the timber construction industry. In 2016, he joined Stora Enso as a Business Developer. He enjoys the culture of innovation. “It’s thrilling to work in an environment where we are experimenting and doing new things all the time. If something doesn’t work, we learn and try again. I feel we’re in the front seat on a journey towards higher-value business.”

Another key aspect for Sebastián is closeness to customers – and their customers. “My aim is finding the best solutions for them. Breaking down all our elements to shape the best possible timber buildings. And by working together to replace concrete or steel with a renewable material, we are doing something good for the environment.”

Family takes up much of Sebastián’s time, but he’s also working hard to plant a sustainable forest in his hometown in Chile. “It’s an investment for my kids and for future generations, and another thing I can do to help our planet besides my work.”

Sebastián Hernandez

Sebastián Hernandez

R&D Manager, Building Solutions

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

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