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In the fight against climate change, it’s often hard to know how you can most effectively reduce your impact. Stora Enso’s CarbonZero service helps you understand the environmental impact of your packaging and compensate for emissions that are currently difficult to avoid.

CarbonZero is a carbon offsetting service that helps you reduce your impact and reach your climate goals. We strive to make the carbon footprint of our products as small as possible, and carbon offsetting is one more tool in the fight against climate change. With CarbonZero, we compensate for currently unavoidable emissions by investing in emission reduction projects.


Help combat global warming

Why CarbonZero?

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Packaging can help you reach your climate goals

To help you understand the climate impact of the packaging you purchase from us, and to reach your climate goals, we provide a thorough life-cycle assessment (LCA) report. Even though our packaging has a low carbon footprint to begin with, with our CarbonZero service, you can balance out the remaining emissions through emission reduction projects developed by our compensation partner, South Pole.
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Delight your customers with climate-friendly packaging

Customers throughout the value chain are increasingly demanding products with lower environmental impact. With CarbonZero, you can showcase your actions: when you choose to carbon compensate your packaging from Stora Enso, you are entitled to use the official Climate Neutral Product label from South Pole in your communications and packaging design.

How does carbon offsetting work?

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Calculate carbon footprint

We calculate the fossil carbon footprint of your packaging including every stage of its life-cycle. This calculation describe how much carbon you need to offset.

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Invest in offsetting programs

Offsets made through CarbonZero support emission reduction projects developed by South Pole, and all projects meet the rigorous standards set by the Gold Standard organization.
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Report the impact

An important part of our CarbonZero service is precise reporting. In addition to the positive environmental impact you have helped create, your company is able to certify the actions it has taken.


A positive label for your business

Good climate efforts encourage others to take action. You can promote your sustainability efforts by, for example, using the South Pole Carbon Neutral Product and Gold Standard logos in your marketing material.
Corrugated packaging vogue scandinavia

Carbon neutral award-winning eco-packaging replaces plastic

One of the unique features of Vogue Scandinavia is its award-winning packaging concept, designed by Stora Enso. The packaging concept has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award. All materials are fiber-based and renewable, reflecting Vogue Scandinavia's commitment to sustainability. The package replaces the traditional single use plastic wrapping used in magazines.

The magazine and packaging are carbon neutral, made with a renewable, low-carbon raw material and energy efficient production. The remaining emissions are offset by using the CarbonZero service by Stora Enso, in collaboration with compensation partner South Pole.

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Carbon-neutral packaging answers the call of demanding consumers

Packoplock, a Swedish packaging supplier, sensed an inspiring shift in e-commerce behaviour – consumers and sellers alike started to ask for fully carbon-neutral packaging to support environmentally conscious thinking. For Packoplock, the launch of a carbon neutral packaging line was a natural step forward as their customers strive to reach their climate goals. 

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Low-carbon packaging

Thanks to our renewable raw material, many of our products have a low carbon footprint from the get-go. Read more about our packaging solutions here.


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We combat climate change

We believe that the key to combatting climate change involves the use of renewable materials, resource and energy efficient production processes, and sustainable forest management.

Stora Enso is ambitiously reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in both its own operations and its value chain. Read more about our climate work here.

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