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Meeting our customers' needs

Through customer focus and efficiency, Stora Enso aims to be the best sustainable value creator in the paper industry. By providing competitive products and services, we do our utmost to meet the quality and sustainability requirements of our customers.

We provide a broad range of renewable paper solutions for print media and office use. Working with leading publishers, printing houses, merchants, retailers, converters and office suppliers, we provide our customers with products that best fit their purpose.

Smart production

Stora Enso continually develops the sustainability and efficiency of its operations to help towards a brighter future for the planet. We constantly look for ways to further improve the efficiency of our processes and to do more with less.

Reducing use of raw materials and energy, and emissions to air and water is our goal. For example, at our smart mills and supply chain, we develop solutions utilizing digitalization.

A front runner in sustainability

Paper is a truly sustainable choice – it is made of renewable materials. Our products are manufactured from responsibly sourced wood, and the origin of the wood we use is 100% traceable. 

We help our customers to improve their sustainability performance. More than 90% of our own brands are covered by one or more recognized ecolabels; the EU Ecolabel, the Nordic Ecolabel, and the Blue Angel.

  • Our products comply with strict ecological criteria, covering every stage of their life-cycle: from the extraction of raw materials over production to product use and disposal.
  • We promote forest certification and use third-party certified traceability systems (PEFC™, FSC®).
  • All our mills run by certified ISO management systems.
  • All our European mills are registered on Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, to share information with customers in 4 key areas: Labour standards, Health & safety, Environment and Business practices.

Learn more about our sustainability values and methods.

Focused innovation

Seeking new ways to evolve and do things better, our innovation efforts focus on four areas:

  • Operational excellence: competitive assets and cost, improving processes and ways of working
  • New or improved paper grades to fit customer needs. Many of our products have been developed together with our customers.
  • New business models and services are aimed to enhance our and customers’ business as well as sustainability performance.
  • Non-paper related new businesses utilizing our know-how and infrastructure.

Trusted experts

Our sales, customer support and technical customer service have a global reach and local knowledge close to the markets. Our people have in-depth knowledge of the paper business and processes that can be shared to the benefit of our customers and suppliers.

Our high ethical standards and proven expertise form an integral part of our long-term relationships with our customers. We care about our employees, their safety and personal development.

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