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Performa Agile coated liner

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First class visuals with high printability

If you want to expand your business to high-end corrugated consumer applications, you need to create a luxury impression. With Performa Agile coated liner your packaging becomes bulkier and gains superior visual properties.

Delight and stand out with vivid visuals

Expanding your business to high-end corrugated consumer packaging, such as TV’s, demands a luxury impression. But achieving this is difficult with traditional corrugated packaging, as traditional liner materials cannot be printed like folding cartons, and washboarding further lowers the visual impression.

Performa Agile by Stora Enso is a coated liner especially designed for high-end consumer packaging. It protects your products and gives them a high quality finish. The material has outstanding brightness and excellent printability in flex, offset and digi print. Good colour tones, printing contrast, trapping and ink viscosity create the sharp details and vivid visuals needed to make a brand pop.

Smooth corrugation without washboarding

Performa Agile is a material especially designed for looking good. With high bending stiffness and a bulky structure Performa Agile offers a perfect surface for printing, allowing very even visuals with no washboarding.

Performa Agile is optimised especially for fast, prime quality corrugation processes, and it guarantees problem-free runnability on almost all corrugator machines. On top of excellent performance and printability, it also offers better quality in gluing.

Stronger packaging made from 100% virgin fibre

Large packaging usually protects delicate products such as consumer electronics – TV’s, computers and other appliances. That is why large packaging requires strong materials that prevent the packaging from getting dented along the logistics chain.

Performa Agile is made from 100% pure virgin fibres, making the material strong and durable – with it you can make sure the package survives transportation in top shape.

End-use areas and applications

  • Shelf-ready packaging

  • Retail applications

  • Consumer electronics

  • Home and garden

  • Bag-in-Box packaging

Key benefits

  • Excellent printability, outstanding brightness and no visible washboarding effect – overall better print results

  • Problem-free runnability in corrugation process

  • Made from 100% pure virgin fibres and 100% recyclable

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