The future is growing

Everything that can be made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow

Stora Enso is committed to replacing fossil-based materials as much as possible with wood-based renewable materials. There’s so much a tree can do!

Our innovative solutions allow wood into end-uses earlier dominated by concrete and steel. These advanced massive wood products offer virtually boundless possibilities in terms of construction concepts, style and architecture. We can replace concrete and steel with a raw material that is renewable, reusable and recyclable. By using wood we can for instance help cut carbon emissions by up to 75%, cut construction time with up to 70 % and bring the forest into the cities.

The possibilities of trees are endless. Have you heard of transparent wood? Or carbon fibre made from wood that can be used to make for example cars or airplanes? Or paper that stores energy? All of these are possible future applications made from trees.

What a tree can do

Take a look at our film about the possibilities of trees!