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Once our products made from renewable materials leave our mills, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible support and services. A few examples of the digital services we have developed can be found below.

Remote assistance and trouble shooting

Our customers operate in different time zones and from various countries all around the globe. To provide efficient customer support regardless of location, we developed and launched a new solution together with the startup company Snap Support. Through a mobile application we are able to connect customers with experts through voice-, video-, chat-, and image communication and at the same time store and share relevant documentation.


Implementing new business models enabled by digital platforms

We know from experience that the process of finding the right packaging, design, quality and price from a reliable supplier can be a tedious process for customers. To make it easier to source corrugated packaging online, Stora Enso launched a startup within the company called Box Inc. Through Box Inc’s digital platform model, it is possible for companies to request quotation, receive and compare quotes, select their preferred supplier, order, pay and eventually re-order.

IoT sensor technology in wooden buildings

The interest of wooden construction material is increasing on the market, and since wood is a living material it becomes crucial to understand its behaviour and measuring the characteristics of it. Consequently, Stora Enso together with the startup company Wiiste co-invented a new IoT sensor to provide transparent and reliable moisture data inside of wooden elements for healthier buildings. With real time monitoring, especially during the transportation, construction and utilization phase(s), moisture issues can be spotted early, actions put in place and by that costly repairs can be avoided for the building owners.


A timber design tool to support engineers in structural element analysis.

Calculatis by Stora Enso is a timber design tool for engineers. Stora Enso developed Calculatis by Stora enso to fit the needs of engineers working with wood construction. As a fully web-based tool, Calculatis allows to analyse structural elements in products such as cross laminated timber (CLT), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), glued laminated timber and solid timber. You can get free access by signing up on

You can read more about Calculatis in English here and in German here.


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