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The forest is our core asset in Stora Enso, and we have developed digital solutions for forest owners to manage their forests efficiently and remotely. A few examples follow below.

Forest inventory with help of drones

The traditional way of inventorying forest is to manually walk through the forest and do the observations. With the implementation of drone forest inventory, we can fly over the forest and take images and gather information about the forest with different sensors. This means that in a fast and accurate way we can gather information about tree location, species, health, height, diameter and volume of each tree. Moreover, the solution is able to collect information about potential damages on the trees. Watch a video of the solution below.

Visiting forests virtually through an application

The developed virtual forest application opens the opportunity for Finnish forest owners to visit their forest virtually through their computer of mobile device. The application combines information from several sources into one three-dimensional image of the forest. In the virtual forest application, the forest owners are able to see the cost implications of planned measures.

Mobile phone with image of forest

Using satellite imagery and AI to make sound forest decisions

Stora Enso has together with the startup company Overstory developed and implemented a solution which makes it possible to overview very large areas of forest and make sound decisions of how to take best care of the forest. By combining satellite imagery and AI we can unlock insights that are not directly visible for the human eye – such as around forest health, threats of deforestation, drought, insect infestations, soil health, storm and fire damage, loss of native vegetation, and other forest disturbances. 


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