Digitalising the value chain – from forest to customer

Stora Enso’s digitalisation programme aims to increase safety and efficiency in our operations as well as to develop new innovative services and ways of doing business. By leveraging all possibilities with digitalisation, we can do the most out of our raw materials, trees, and at the same time make people’s lives easier.

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Digitalisation in forest operations

Stora Enso’s raw materials, trees, grow in forests which many times are too large to oversee from the ground and are also remote from people’s every-day locations. Therefore, it is essential for forest owners to be able to manage their forests from anywhere through digital services and solutions. By combining high quality forest data and customer insight we are able to provide efficient and sustainable digital wood purchase as well as we offer other sustainable forest management services for the forest owners.

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Digitalisation in mill operations

Digital solutions are used in our mills to augment human capabilities. As an example, we have implemented predictive systems using artificial intelligence to see hours into the future. These systems help us develop high quality products and allows us to take pre-emptive measures before precious raw materials are wasted or production shutdowns are needed. Digitalisation also contributes to increased safety for people working in our mills, by for example warning about potential collisions between vehicles in the warehouse areas.

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Digitalisation in the supply chain

Stora Enso is working to increase transparency and sustainability in the supply chain both internally and externally. For example, our paper-based ECO RFID tag creates the possibility to follow any package on its journey around the world. The package data can also be used in applications to optimize logistic chains of products. Another example of increasing the transparency and security of the supply chain is the utilisation of blockchain. In Stora Enso, we have now started the exploration how blockchain can allow us and all our brands around the world to ensure a more robust and tamper proof logistical network.

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Digitalisation in our customer interactions

Once our products made from renewable materials leave our mills, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible support and services. For example, we have co-developed a mobile app for our customers to get speedy and efficient access to technical support regardless of their location and time zone. Another focus area includes creating new digital services for customers to extend the lifetime of the products they purchase from us. For example, we have co-created a large sized IoT sensor technology that can detect threats like moisture and strain in building materials. With the data collected from the sensors, we can provide new services where building owners can monitor the health conditions and automatically extend the lifetime of their buildings.

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Key enablers for succeeding with digitalisation in Stora Enso

Fostering a digital culture and mindset

While it is important for an organisation to develop and maintain a strong technical competence to work with new technologies, it is equally important to develop a strong culture and mindset for innovation and experimentation. This goes hand in hand with top management commitment to innovate and fail forward, as well as the employee engagement to not only learn about new technologies but also to be able to adapt and change to new ways of working.

Enabling the digital transformation and culture

To fully support a a digital culture and mindset, Stora Enso drives several important underlying programmes. Among them, the Digitalisation Fund, €10 Million annually, secures our ability to experiment and try new ideas. The Combient Foundry programme ensures that Stora Enso has access to collaborate with leading startups across the globe. The internal Digital Learning Academyenables all 26 000 employees to learn about the fundamentals of new digital technologies and new business models.

Another example of enabling initiatives is the Stora Enso Design System - a library of pre-designed and pre-coded web components to be used to accelerate design and development of web / mobile applications.

Leveraging digitalisation to do good for people and the planet


In Stora Enso we are constantly pushing ourselves to do the most out of every tree we use. Now, in the era of digitalisation, we are very excited about the progress we can make. Our goal is to make our industry safer and more efficient with digitalisation, and thus do good for people and the planet.

Throughout our value chain we have implemented solutions to help on that mission. For example, remote monitoring and mobile applications make it possible for forest owners to manage their forest from any location in the world. Another example is the artificial intelligence solutions we use in our production to make sure we don’t waste any of our valuable raw material. Watch the video to find out more.

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