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Digitalisation in mill operations

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Digital solutions are used in our mills to augment human capabilities and make sure we don’t waste any of our precious raw materials. Read more about a few of our use cases below.

Predicting the future with help of artificial intelligence

Our paper and board machines are equipped with thousands of tags, or points, to collect data. By utilising this data and combining it with artificial intelligence, we have developed solutions that can predict future events. For example, we can predict whether there will be a web break on our board machines, if there will be machines failures and how the pulp viscosity will develop in the pulp production. With these insights, the preventive actions can be taken before anything was to develop in the wrong direction.

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Keeping employees safe in the warehouses

Safety is critical for Stora Enso and one area prone to accidents is the warehouses where both forklifts and people operate jointly. Therefore, we have developed a solution comprising a “beeper” worn by warehouse personnel, which automatically establishes a connection with “keepers” installed on forklifts. The system automatically triggers a warning alarm when unsafe or dangerous proximity between vehicles and people is detected.

Watch the film: Warehouse Anti-collision solution

Monitoring the production with 360-degree real-time video streaming running on 5G

With help of digitalisation we can move people from the mill floors to safe control rooms. As an example, we implemented a 5G network in one of our mills to which we connected cameras. This solution is now generating a 360-degree high density (HD) real-time video stream which make it possible for our experts in the control rooms, or other part of the world, to monitor the production from a distance.

Watch the film: Award winning 5G on the shopfloor

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