EcoFishBox - Sustainable fish packaging

EcoFishBox- Sustainable fish packaging for the fish industry

Your choice of packaging material can reduce the environmental impact on surface waters. Stora Enso presents a complete solution for sustainable packaging for fish. The offering includes boxes, packaging automation systems and ice packaging solutions. The design - awarded with World Star Winner 2017, World Star Sustainability Award Gold Medal 2017 - provides excellent moisture & water resistance as well as thermal insulation properties.

Increasing ocean pollutions

Seas and lakes are of vital importance for industries related to fishing. Large amounts of plastic waste end up in the seas, and studies show that the remains of such waste are present in the internal organs of saltwater fish and other species.

78% of sea pollutions are linked to plastics. EcoFishBox (EFB) is completely free from Expanded Polysterene (EPS) with minimal plastic content hence the Stora Enso’s fibre-based EcoFishBox™ packages are the optimal choice both from a business and an environmental perspective.

EcoFishBox - Life Cycle Study (LCA)

In this life cycle study you can read about how two different fish packages of different materials, EcoFishBox and EPS packages are compared against each other and its environmental impact. Results from this LCA study show that compared to EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Foam), the recyclable and renewable EcoFishBox packaging reduces CO2 emissions and fossil depletion by 40% in raw material production.

Download and get more insights about the study here: Life Cycle Study (LCA)


The EcoFishBox is a complete packaging solution

EcoFishBox comes in 4 different sizes and can be fitted with 4 kinds of lids to suit retailers need. Sizes are 3, 5, 10 and 20 kg as well as versatile solutions of lid sizes for every customers.

Lids comes as:

1. Flat sheet lid (covers top),
2. Half hood lid (covers top and half of the sides)
3. Full hood lid (covers top and sides)

Double walled cardboard boxes keeps the goods below 4 degrees celsius beyond 64 hours and are easily cleaned and recycled together with all other cardboard boxes.
EcoFishBox box sizes

Up to 7 times less transportation space needed

Compared to an EcoFishBox™ delivered as a flat corrugated board sheet, a traditional EPS fish box takes seven times as much space in storage and during transport. The introduction of EcoFishBox™ packaging provides considerable reduction in the daily need for lorry transport and storage space – and that means lower costs!

In addition, in waste handling, transportation and recycling costs of corrugated packaging can be achieved as much as 60% savings compared to EPS packaging.

EcoFishBox used in supermarket
EcoFishBox can be implemented in existing EPS operation flows including usage with palletizing robots. Stora Enso also offers complete automation solutions for conveyors, palletizing and ice packing.

EcoFishBox with fish on ice


Key advantages

  • Up to 60% savings in packaging waste handling, transport and recycling costs
  • A convenient collection and recycling system
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable material


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