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Stora Enso has ended the production of woodfree coated (WFC) papers

Thank you for your interest in the WFC paper range of Lumi by Stora Enso containing LumiArt, LumiSilk and LumiForte. Stora Enso is not producing the range anymore but if you are interested in any remaining excess stocks, please contact Stora Enso sales representatives.

As a comparable paper for magazines, catalogues and advertising print, Stora Enso offers NovaPress, a semi mechanical special coated paper (LWC/MWC) with superior brightness, an excellent opacity ratio and great print quality. To read more about the glossy NovaPress and the special silk-finished NovaPress Silk, please follow here.

Even though the Lumi brand doesn’t cover WFC papers anymore, Stora Enso still has in its paper portfolio LumiLabel Light, LumiFlex Light, LumiPack and LumiWrap as packaging papers, LumiLeaf as a thin printing paper and LumiSet, as a woodfree uncoated (WFU) office paper.

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