Plastic-free e-commerce

As online purchasing grows, so does the importance of packaging – to meet consumer requirements for a smooth and seamless unboxing and returns process as well as reduce climate effect. E-commerce packaging requires a careful selection of packaging materials, inserts and structural design features that can help to safeguard the product and reduce packaging waste. Looking to enhance the online buying experience? Learn more about our plastic-free and renewable e-commerce solutions!

Solutions for:

E-commerce packaging

E-commerce packaging

A fast-expanding range of smart, recyclable and plastic-free solutions for optimizing e-commerce packaging and enabling easy returns.

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Strong, renewable and recyclable envelope paper for multipurpose, everyday envelopes, pockets and specialty envelopes.

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Magazines and inserts spread on table


Coated and uncoated papers for your brand’s sustainable and renewable advertising materials.

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Benefits for companies, brands and consumers:

  • Reduced plastic usage in online retail through fiber-based e-commerce packaging
  • Optimized and smart solutions to reduce void-fill
  • Intelligent features such as RFID tagging to capture a variety of data 
  • Improved consumer perceptions, for example through better unboxing experience, easy returns and reduced plastic usage