Ensocard Resilience

Child-resistant packaging material for your pharma packaging

With Ensocard Resilience board, your packaging always rests in safe hands.

Ensocard Resilience by Stora Enso represents a break-through in the use of paperboard as a material in pharmaceutical and child-resistant packaging. An innovative board backed by years of research in materials and design, it combines functionality, usability and sustainability in a board of the highest quality.

Ensocard Resilience is engineered for special packaging applications such as pharmaceutical packaging, para-pharmaceuticals, e-cigarettes and other products that require child-resistant packaging. It consists of an uncoated virgin-fibre SBS board with a three-layer fibre structure. The PET coating on both sides provides high tear resistance. Ensocard Resilience delivers excellent print results and is heat sealable, enabling innovative package structures and efficient converting and filling.

Thanks to the specially developed material of Ensocard Resilience, designers can create innovative structures that put packaging in the right hands. For instance, the board has been used in solutions that allow adults to easily open the package by pressing a highlighted area while keeping the contents safely secured from children – all without the use of additional plastic parts.

Ensocard Resilience, based on renewable raw materials, is perfect for brand owners who want to use a sustainable material in applications where non-renewables have traditionally dominated. This way, they can meet the demands for child safety and sustainability alike.

Why Ensocard Resilience

  • Replacing plastic e.g. in child-resistant packaging
  • Specially developed tear-resistant board
  • Good printability

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    High strength and tear resistance perfect for child-resistant packaging

  • 2

    Enables special packaging solutions without use of plastics

  • 3

    Proven performance in certified child-resistant packaging

  • 4

    Made from renewable virgin fibre, completely recyclable

  • 5

    FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Special packaging, child-resistant packaging

  • 2

    Pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging

  • 3

    E-cigarette packaging