Performa Brilliance

For luxury packaging and brilliant graphic products

When your brand deserves the very best, turn to Performa Brilliance folding boxboard for premium and luxury renewable packaging.

Performa Brilliance by Stora Enso sets new standards in GC1 board for visuals, printability and runnability. The top side features a triple coating in a silk finish, so you can achieve the very best results for complex multi-colour printing and premium packaging uses. The reverse side has a light coating for less demanding uses yet is also suitable for full-colour printing.

Performa Brilliance features high brightness, excellent smoothness and a beautiful visual appearance. The board offers the best whiteness in the folding boxboard market on both top and reverse side. Combine this with high quality and versatility and you’ve got a perfect match for any premium brand.

A wealth of uses for luxury packaging and graphical applications

Performa Brilliance has been specially designed for advanced graphical and high-end packaging applications. It is ideal in folding cartons for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and luxury packaging. And its quality and versatility make it simply brilliant for any graphical applications including book covers, greeting cards, folders, tickets and tags.

Special surface enhancements

Performa Brilliance Linen has a linen embossing pattern on its top side, which gives an exclusive look to the board. Typical uses include greeting cards, calendars and other graphical applications, or when your goal is to create eye-catching packaging.

Performa Brilliance Metallized comes with a metallized PET film in silver colour on its top side. Performa Brilliance Metallized provides excellent value, runnability and performance in applications that require a smooth, metallized surface to add an edgy luxe to luxury packaging.

Why Performa Brilliance

  • Visually the world's best FBB with great printablity
  • Whiteness and brightness
  • Bulk and material efficiency

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    The best visual appearance a folding boxboard can provide

  • 2

    High brightness, high whiteness and silky smoothness

  • 3

    Enhanced visual impact by linen embossing or metallization options

  • 4

    EU Ecolabel Certificate option, showing that it fulfils EU sustainability criteria for graphic paper

  • 5

    FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Premium and luxury packaging

  • 2

    Beauty, hair care, cosmetics, perfumes

  • 3

    Champagne and fine spirits

  • 4

    Pharmaceutical packaging

  • 5

    Book covers, greeting cards, folders, tickets, tags