Low-carbon buildings

Low-carbon buildings

As construction materials used in the world today account for 11% of the global CO2 emissions, there is a need to shift from non-renewable construction materials like steel and concrete to renewable, low carbon and circular building materials, such as wood. It is important to look at the lifecycle impact of a building and new building concepts that can support green cities and communities. We can help you preserve the future with low-carbon buildings based on wood. Join our journey towards sustainable and innovative construction and learn more about our wood products and building concepts offering!


Solutions for:

LVL construction

Building materials

High quality wooden construction materials from sustainably managed forests and supply chains, to reduce the carbon footprint of your building projects.

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Wooden door and window components

Building components

Wooden building components for windows, doors, mouldings, thresholds, handrails etc to improve the circularity and climate impact of your construction project.

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Lapinmaki daycare

Office buildings, schools and residential buildings

Building concepts showing what can be achieved with wood to reduce carbon footprint for renewable and efficient living, working and learning spaces.

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Supercell office in Wood City, Helsinki

Services and digital tools

BIM resources, Calculatis, and other digital tools to simplify wooden building design and construction for your company.

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Massive wood building with CLT

Bio-based adhesives and binders for construction materials

Lignin is a wood-based, non-toxic alternative to fossil-based materials that can replace phenols in industrial adhesives and resins and also be used in binding agents ideal for particleboard and insulation applications.

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Benefits for companies, brands and consumers:

  • Reducing construction-related CO2 emissions by up to 75% by building with wood instead of non-renewable materials
  • People living or working in wooden buildings report better levels of wellbeing
  • Wooden buildings store carbon, which contributes to greener cities

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