Low-carbon industrial solutions

Low-carbon industrial solutions

In the face of climate change, producers, retailers and brand owners are being forced to rethink every step of the supply chain – from raw material sourcing to production to packing and logistics. Our ambition is to help our customers to find innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint throughout their supply-chains.

Solutions for:

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes

Strong, smart corrugated packaging solutions to help you achieve your sustainability goals, such as reducing CO2 emissions from packaging and reducing waste with renewable fibre-based solutions.

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Recycled minerals

VersaLime is a recycled mineral and by-product of other production processes, which can replace non-renewable materials, for example in construction materials, soil stabilisation and as a replacement for filler and ballast.

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Bottles bio-based chemicals

Bio-based chemicals

Wood-based alternatives to fossil-based materials in applications such as bioplastics, biochemicals and biofuels.

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lignin powder, lineo

Bio-based adhesives

Lignin is a wood-based, non-toxic alternative to fossil-based materials that can replace phenols in industrial adhesives and resins and also as be used in binding agents ideal for particleboard and insulation applications.

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fiber paddel

Renewable carbon fiber

What if carbon fiber could be made from a bio-based material with a low climate impact, without compromising on technical performance? At Stora Enso, we’re developing a solution for just that. Our proprietary technology enables a carbon fiber entirely made from two wood components – cellulose and lignin.
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Making batteries from trees

One of the challenges of today’s lithium-ion batteries is the use of graphite. Graphite is a fossil carbon which is either mined or made from other fossil-based materials. We can replace this fossil-based graphite with hard carbon from trees, which brings with it both technical and environmental benefits.

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Benefits for companies, brands and consumers:

  • Reduced weight in transport and storage solutions
  • Reduced carbon footprint by replacing engineered plastic products and components with biocomposite solutions
  • Replacing fossil-based materials in applications like bioplastics, biochemicals and biofuels.
  • Increased circularity and reduced carbon footprint with recycled minerals

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