Sawn timber mill

Impilahti Sawmill

Impilahti Sawmill in northwest Russia produces a range of high quality sawn timber, processed timber and pellets.

Key facts

  • Stora Enso Division: Wood Products
  • Country: Russia
  • Products: sawn timber, processed timber and pellets
  • Annual capacity: 170 000 m3 (sawn timber), 10 000 m3 (processed timber) and 25 000 tonnes (pellets)
  • Number of employees: 148
  • Founded: 2002


Sortavalskoe Shosse
70 Pitkaranta Area
186801 Republic of Karelia


+7 81 43 32 62 41

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Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and carbon stays in the tree fibres when they are made into products. Choosing wood-based renewable solutions means you are contributing to the fight against global warming.

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