Circular retail

Strong brands communicate their commitment to creating a greener future with all their choices. The role of renewable and circular materials and products is now as important as ever. Our mission is to support industries, producers and retailers in meeting the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly and circular solutions and help retailers meet their sustainability goals. With our renewable materials and circular design services you can reduce plastics, lower your carbon emissions and reduce waste.

Solutions for:

Food packaging

Food and grocery packaging

Renewable and recyclable packaging materials for reducing plastic in food and grocery packaging and improving carbon footprint for your brand.

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Industrial packaging

Furniture and construction packaging

Lightweight corrugated board for industrial and heavy-duty packaging, offering high protection during transport, packing and storage, and improved carbon footprint.

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Kemppi Gamma

Electronics packaging

Sustainable, corrugated packaging solutions with wide customization options to protect your products and make your brand more circular.

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Furniture and interior

Strong, wood-based biocomposites that can help you reduce plastics in injection-molded, 3D printed and extruded furniture/interior products.

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Toys and childcare

The sustainability benefits of wood-based materials, plus the strength, safety standards and durability needed for children’s products.

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Biocomposite handles enable plastic reduction and better carbon footprint in common household products such as kitchen tools and knives.

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Protective foam in packaging

Bio-based foam for packaging

The use of traditional fossil-based foam materials, commonly known as Styrofoam can now be replaced by a lightweight wood fiber-based cellulose foam material. This novel, sustainable foam material has been designed to be fully natural and the technology offers a biodegradable alternative to a wide range of products.

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Sustainable textiles


Replacing plastics in high-volume retail items such as clothes-hangers can significantly reduce carbon footprint for your retail brand.

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Woman writing crossword

Retail flyers and catalogues

Coated and uncoated papers for your brand’s sustainable advertising materials.

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LumiFlex flexible packaging paper

Pulp for specialty papers and food packaging

A broad portfolio of softwood and hardwood kraft pulp that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

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Benefits for companies, brands and consumers:

  • Renewable and recyclable solutions for a broad range of retail packaging and products
  • Reduced plastic usage in high-volume in-store items such as coat-hangers and RFID tags
  • Improved carbon footprint for everyday consumer items, such as children’s toys

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