Natural cosmetics and personal care

Combating climate change and reducing the environmental impacts of packaging are high on the agenda for cosmetic brands. We help our customers to meet these new demands by offering innovative solutions made of renewable materials for cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical and hygiene products. For hygiene products like diapers, feminine care and adult incontinence, we are working together with customers to provide more environmentally friendly and low-carbon fluff pulp to meet the trends and consumer demands.

Solutions for:

Shopping cosmetics

Cosmetics packaging

Renewable, recyclable and low carbon paperboard materials strengthen the premium perception of your brand, while innovative materials open up new alternatives to replace fossil plastics in primary packaging.

Recommended content: Folding cartons, Ensocoat, Performa



Skin care mother and child

Pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging

Sustainable paperboard that fulfills specific needs for pharma and healthcare packaging, such as material efficiency, child safety and braille embossing.

Recommended content: Folding cartons, Tambrite

Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes for cosmetics

Plastic-free, renewable packaging solutions to achieve a better carbon footprint and higher value-perception for your cosmetics products.

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Pharmaceutical packaging

Leaflets for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals packaging

Lightweight, renewable and recyclable leaflet paper, with specific properties to fulfill requirements for cosmetic and pharma boxes.

Recommended content: LumiLeaf (for leaflets)

Fluff pulp by Stora Enso

Fluff pulp for personal hygiene products

A wide variety of pulp grades to fulfill sustainability requirements and required properties for different types of hygiene products

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Pulp for tissues and board

Renewable, biodegradable and recyclable kraft pulp that can be used in tissues, paper towels, kitchen rolls, packaging etc.

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Bottles bio-based chemicals

Bio-based chemicals

Wood-based alternatives to fossil-based materials in applications such as bioplastics, biochemicals and biofuels.

Recommended content: Tall oil, turpentinefly ash

Benefits for companies, brands and consumers:

  • Opportunities to collaborate around replacing plastics in primary packaging
  •  Lowering carbon emissions with light-weight, renewable packaging
  •  Differentiating with eco-friendly solutions to consumers who want less plastic
  • Reduced environmental footprint for hygiene products with renewable, traceable and biodegradable materials