Sawn timber mill

Nebolchi Sawmill

Nebolchi Sawmill in western Russia produces sawn and processed timber products for the construction, woodworking, packaging and retail industries. 

Key facts

  • Stora Enso Division: Wood Products
  • Country: Russia
  • Products: sawn timber, processed timber and wood pellets
  • Annual capacity: 180 000 m3 (sawn timber), 45 000 m3 (processed timber) and 40 000 tonnes (pellets)
  • Number of employees: 184
  • Founded: 2004


Nebolchi Sawmill
Gagarina str. 1
Nebolchi Lubitino district
Novgorod reg. 174755


+7 81 66 86 51 01

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Protecting biodiversity is a big priority for us. We follow sustainable forestry best practices, including the protection of key biotopes and leaving additional voluntary set-aside areas, restoring endangered species’ habitats and leaving decaying wood in final felling areas.

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