New tech and top trends − Online Print Symposium

Daniel Solbach’s and Marko Valkeapää’s takeaways from the Online Print Symposium

In April, we attended the Online Print Symposium in Munich. This year, the leading international event for online printing, e-business print, mass customization and digital transformation was held for the seventh time and gathered together nearly 300 attendees from 18 different nationalities.

At the event, the overarching sentiment was the need for innovation. Increasingly, the industry is turning to new technologies in order to survive. Companies are using machine learning and AI to optimize their manufacturing and logistics as well as helping them create more efficient sales and marketing processes.

The symposium’s keynote speaker, Cimpress CEO Robert Keane, noted that successful change is always preceded by a change in culture. To embrace new technologies, traditional printers will have to undergo a considerable shift in their organizational mindset.

In his speech Bernd Zipper, co-organiser of the Symposium and founder and CEO of ZipCom, stressed that print is indeed value for society – but only if you do it right. He shared his insights into some of the industry’s current top trends:

  • E-commerce is becoming more customer-centric with features such as dynamic pricing and mobile accessibility.
  • Service-wise, competition is now taken to a level typically associated with consumer brands: customers are enjoying from added benefits such as same-day-delivery, 24h service and live-support.
  • Markets are becoming more fragmented with demand for services such as social media printing and mass B2B customization.
  • In manufacturing, the rate of automation keeps climbing while vital software is increasingly cloud-based.

Read a full summary of the 2019 Online Print Symposium here.

At Stora Enso, we are constantly examining the changes in the printing industry and evaluating our service offering accordingly. If you have a suggestion on how we can better help your business adapt to the digital world, I would love to hear it.